I bought a new laptop to play around with when I am bored and want some time away from the desk. I really wanted something with a lot of battery life and would simply do web browsing like checking emails and playing music and so on.

I was really sold on the idea that it boasted 11-12 hours on battery. I didn't really thing I'd run into many problems installing and running Linux on a machine like this, but I was sorely mistaken.

My challenge it seems, is to get the Broadcom BCM4330 and Realtek ALC5642 working on Ubuntu 15.04.

I did try a version of Fedora for Bay Trail tablets and devices, but this would freeze on boot. Most likely caused by the sound driver.

For £169 from Amazon, it's a steal, but I'd kill to get WiFi/Bluetooth and Audio working. I'm presuming this one will consume all of my time over the next few weeks/months :)

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